I'm Paine 👋🏼

Full-stack Engineer at Apple.

Adventurer, artist, and dreamer.

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What I do

at work...

Recently, I've been working with Webpack 5's Module Federation and composing different frameworks and libraries for micro-frontends. I have also been working on a component library with Stencil using Typescript. Other ongoing work I have involves SEO improvements, security fixes, localization enhancements, and bug fixes to a handful of Node, React and Angular applications.

for fun...

I love paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake when it's 70+ degrees in Austin, TX. I try to get into the gym every now and then. I dabble in some painting and sketching. I enjoy hiking and camping when I get the chance.

Some of my work...


A collaborative productivity web application.

Wishlist was built out of a necessity of a place for do-ers to organize personal items or project work without creating additional overhead. My main goal was to allow people to use a process that worked for them, instead of trying to teach or show them ONE way to do project management. Wishlist was designed and developed by me from scratch in the beginning. Later, it was inter open-sourced and grew in features and contributors.


A mobile resource to support our homeless neighbors.

This mobile app was created in conjunction with OurCalling, an organization based in Dallas, TX. The mobile app is focused on connecting people in need with 8 main resource types. In addition to connecting people to resources, we enabled people to donate and help identify people in need by location so that an outreach team could bring assistance.

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